Welcome to the d3bate documentation

Note: this is a guide for how to use d3bate. If you're interested in helping to develop the project please take a look at our Github wiki.

What is d3bate?

d3bate is a website (web application) which will (hopefully) make it easier for you to run a debating club. d3bate is an open source project, meaning that its code is provided publicly, free of charge.

A warning

d3bate isn't very complete at the moment. At this stage of the project, expect bugs and some usability problems. If you'd like to help us improve, please consider getting involved with the project's development (this doesn't have to mean writing code) on our Github page – Github is a platform for building software which we use.

Code of conduct

We have an (incomplete) code of conduct which we ask all members to abide by, especially those involved in developing the project. You can find the code of conduct here.

Last update: December 15, 2019